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8TH – 9TH DECEMBER, 2018

Now well established as the largest mass participation, bucket list event in the world, the APP World Tour aligns with the Nautic Salon Nautique in 2018 to grow out this unique event, right at the heart of Paris and further develop the magic that has been created in this unique European City.


Event Summary:

The 2018 edition will once again feature the Open Race on the River Seine, an enhanced Pro division and a unique and groundbreaking Indoor Spectacle at the Salon that will transform the spectator experience for Stand Up Paddling in more ways than one. It will also serve as the Grand Final for the Racing World Championship Tour, where World Champions for the year will be crowned amidst the vibrant Nautic Salon Nautique Opening Weekend. This event will feature:

  • Bucket List ‘Paris SUP Crossing as it has always been

  • Pro Level Racing in the City

  • Spectacular Indoor Pro Sprint Racing in a unique stadium experience

​More Information to follow on the Paris Stop

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