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The APP congratulates ALL athletes who performed at the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games. It was a spectacular event full of super human efforts, cosmic rivalries and inevitable surprises.

If you were watch the LIVE FEED on SUPtheMag, you probably held your breath as we did for much of the weekend. You can replay that LIVE FEED HERE.

There were many incredible moments on the water and between competitors.  Some of our favorites are here included below.


We’ve all watched legendary paddler Connor Baxter shift gears this year as his focus became (rightly) on his wedding plans with his beautiful bride-to-be Anae Anderson.  Connor’s struggle was real as he immersed himself in the importance of family in his true aloha spirit, while his A-Game fell off a bit.

I think we were all rooting for the king of the sport to stay focused on the quality moments leading up to his nuptials and later on honeymoon with his bride, Anae, in Italy.

Which is why it was so fun to see him destroy the Sprint Races in Long Beach, New York in his characteristic dominant fashion.

And then he did it again. This past weekend at PPG’s 2018, he held his own in the distance race and, the following day, turned on the power to surf his way to victory over the world’s elite and, once again, claim his crown in the sprints.

Way to go, Connor!  We salute you.  It’s not always easy to balance work and family life with your  passion (just ask Travis Grant ;).  Connor’s victories over the weekend remind us ALL how it can be done with focus, commitment and a whole lotta talent.  Congratulations to the fastest paddler in SUP, Connor Baxter.


In other news, what a journey for the San Clemente charger who just … keeps … charging!

Candice Appleby showed herself to be in fearsome shape when she arrived at the NY SUP Open a few weeks ago and took top position on the podium as the Women’s Overall Winner in SUP Racing.

But, we all knew her sights were set on the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games.  Candice’s dominance in this particular event, considered the World Cup of stand up paddle racing, is a story that just has no end.

7X champion of the Battle of the Paddle and Pacific Paddle Games combined, Candice runs wide open on this event.

And run she did.

Her determination on the distance course, where she placed 2nd at this year’s PPG’s, revealed to the crowd just what her goals were.  Her smile and good cheer were infectious throughout the event.

But then, to see the Queen of SUP, take down the leaderboard in the Sprints in a dramatic and emotional finish was an all-time treat for spectators.  Candice’s history with the event, the hurdles she’s has to surmount and her commitment to training both herself and her teammate Shae Foudy has been inspirational.

A true waterwoman and ambassador to stand up paddling, Candice Appleby is and continues to be a force to be reckoned with.  We salute you, Candice!  Aloha and keep smiling.

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Written by:  Evelyn O’Doherty Online Editor / APP World Tour



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