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Longtime champions Danny Ching, Travis Grant, Kai Lenny, Candice Appleby and last year’s World Champion Terrene Black have all arrived in Long Beach.  The honored guard represented by these incredible humans & their athletic prowess will be sorely tested in the week to come as the up-and-coming talent, featured by shining stars Michael Booth, Connor Baxter and Shae Foudy.  What’s in store in terms of performance?

Let’s take a look ahead.

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Spills and chills were in the action in the Men’s Pro Sprint competition in London. A lot of upsets and surprises made the crowd rise to its feet! Photo: John Carter/APP World Tour


In an exciting line up, the men’s competition looks stacked with former kings and champions next to rising talent and hard-to-beat competitors from all over the globe.

The king, Danny Ching, has arrived to test his mettle on the Hudson along with World Champion athletes Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny and Travis Grant.  This tried and true tribe will be leaning into the charge set forth by powerhouses like Michael Booth, Arthur Arutkin and Mo Freitas ALL of whom made grand statements about their talents and goals at the first stop of the APP World Tour in London, U.K.

As you remember, Michael Booth led the field in the city & distance races in London.  His athleticism, good humor and raging talent spoke for themselves as he carefully outdistanced the heavily seeded pack in order to crown himself overall winner in the U.K.

However, we know that Connor is coming back for more and will do everything in his formidable power to unseat Boothie in order to reclaim his title as APP World Champion.

Additionally, having a playing field with the likes of M2O champ Travis Grant (an incredible performance!) and ultra waterman Danny Ching will put the heat on Boothie to perform at his highest level, as will the rising talent from France, Arthur Arutkin who is clearly poised for great things!

Watch them all battle it out LIVE at

APP World Tour, Kai Lenny, Paddleboard, Paddle Board, SUP, APP, New York, Contest, Race
Kai Lenny’s performance in the Sprints took the crowd by surprise. His dominance was furious and his determination relentless. Photo: John Carter/APP World Tour


On the woman’s side of the NY SUP Open, recently arrived Terrene Black is back to defend her title as APP World Tour women’s champion against the terrifyingly fit Candice Appleby and Top Tour Wild Card seed in NY, Stephanie Scheidler.

These seasoned athletes will be working hard to fend off the young Shae Foudy who will be looking to increase her lead for the World Championship title by capitalizing on her multiple wins in London to dominate the racing fields in the sprint racing.

Alongside Shae, we see the return of Manca Notar who will doubtless be dangerous as always in the sprints, and showed in London she can hold her own on the distance course, as she will be looking to lap Lady Liberty to take the crown here in New York. Meanwhile, the young crop of stellar racers such as Annie Reickert and Erika Benitez will be looking to make a statement here in the Big Apple.

Watch the girls battle it out LIVE in one of the World’s most iconic Cities at

London, APP World Tour, APP, Stand up Paddleboard, Paddle Boarding, SUP, Contest, SUP OPEN, Shae, Red Bull
Shae celebrates a well earned win under the Red Bull arch in London. Photo: John Carter/APP World Tour


I can’t help it.  I hope the showdown between Connor and Boothie comes down to the wire again and Connor is able to find the heart to reassert his claim on the crown.  If only to give Booth proper fun for his money!  In addition, I have no doubt that Travis and Ching will also be stealth weapons to look out for.  In the sprints, it’s Kai, Kai, Kai unless something happens (like Mo Freitas and Casper Steinfath) to take him down.

For the gals, having seen young Shae overpower the crew in London, I know the stellar guard of Terrene, Candice and Yuka will be looking to work together to hold her off.  Terrene’s capacity for charging turbulent waters, indeed she seems to come ALIVE in them, is the most formidable force out there.  However, the Hudson River may hold some surprises and unexpected challenges for both the men & women.

Men’s Overall for NY SUP Open predictions:

1.)  Connor Baxter 2.) Michael Booth 3.) Arthur Arutkin

Women’s Overall for NY SUP Open predictions: 1.)  Terrene Black 2.) Shae Foudy 3.) Candice Appleby

Prove me wrong and I’ll shake your hand.  Would love to see ANY of these guys and gals take top honors.  In the end, I root for the competition and not the particular athletes.  They know I’m in it for THEM.

Watch it all go down LIVE on Saturday morning from 9:30am EST at

Aloha, all.

Written by:  Evelyn O’Doherty Online Editor / APP World Tour



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