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Barbados Pro Holding Period is now open, with action likely to kick off as early as tomorrow morning

Bathsheba, Barbados, Monday 11th November 2019: Tension is mounting as we are looking at the potential of action kicking off as early as tomorrow morning 7:30am Barbados time for the 2019 Barbados Pro.

With a mind blowing level of talent assembled for this all important stop of the 2019 APP World Tour, this is the time when moves are made and decisive moments will go down that will have a serious impact on the World Title Race for both Men and Women. While Poenaiki Raioha and Izzi Gomez are the front runners, it is all to play for here in Barbados and there will be fireworks this week at the World famous Soup Bowl in the picturesque east coast town of Bathsheba.

Make sure to stay tuned for there 7am call and join us LIVE right here and @appworldtour for all the action from the 2019 Barbados Pro.



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