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Day 3 of the New York SUP Open sees dramatic upsets, challenging weather and impressive performances

Day 3 saw impressive action in challenging, stormy conditions, that saw us all the way through to the Quarterfinals for Men, but forcing us to stop competition mid way through women's Round 3 heat #1 due to Lightening!

Watch the Highlights from yesterday's action by CLICKING HERE, and for shots and updated elimination ladders go to @appworldtour. Follow the scoring and results on the LIVE page at or by downloading the STACTAPP.

The day dawned to mild weather and sizable surf  as the Women’s Repecharge heats took to the water.  Fighting their way back from upsets the day before included 2018 APP World Champion Iballa Moreno and current 2019 rankings leader Fiona Wylde. Both women advanced to Round 3 and back into the Main Event through their strong and steady surfing styles in the Repecharge Rounds. 

Speaking with Lara Claydon, who advanced straight to Round 3 after dominating her heat at the start of the event, the young athlete touts that much of SUP Surfing competition is about a discipline of the mind. “It’s a mental game,” quotes Lara who talks about her own commitment to focus and pre-game process for events on the APP World Tour. “The mind always wins,” she said.

Clearly, for Wylde and Moreno, clawing their way back through the repecharge heats with a 10.4 heat score for Fiona and a final 9.67 for Iballa, definitely required a positive focus and clean slate in order to press their way back into the action for a World Title.

Also advancing were April Zilg (6.24), Alazine Alonso (7.46) and Dominique Miller (6.8) who netted her placement in the 3rd Round with a great wave performance in the final seconds of her heat. Commitment, focus and perseverance in the heat of battle build that mental discipline Lara talks about.

In the Men’s Rounds and stormy surf, we saw electric performances, giant maneuvers and an exciting drive towards the final rounds. There are so many athletes looking to advance that EVERY round feels like a Final with dreams dashed and hopes curated throughout every heat.

We started the day in Round 3 for the men with powerful matchups to make for a great field of action. We saw two great stand up paddle racing champions, Arthur Arutkin and Casper Steinfath square off in a heated match with Samoan Jason Latham in their midst (10.94/8.4/6.64).

Matheus Salazar who built on his exciting performances from Day 1, fired up the competition in his round with Caio Vaz and Wellington Reiss (13.84/13.27/14.34). with Wellington taking the win and Matheus edging out Caio by mere tenths of a point.

Moving through Round 4, the energy of the day fired on all pistons as the building swell and increasing winds made for challenging conditions. All of the athletes rose to the occasion with full expression of their talents in competition.  Wave selection, finding room to develop a series of turns and techniques as well as keeping it sharp and clean became the name of the game.

Zane Schweitzer in his furious heat with Leco Salazar made the stormy surf look like he’d been practicing in it with his multiple turns and savvy performance. Zane’s bag of tricks included a helicopter and a beautifully executed arial awarding him an 8.17, a massive score on such a challenging day. Zane wound up edging out Leco’s powerful drive with a heat score of 16.2 to 14.27.

The last heat of Round 3 saw a very special match up - it was Fisher versus Kieran Grant in a brother-against-brother battle to be remembered. As rains came pouring down, the Grants traded waves and created a thrilling moment in the history of SUP surfing as we witnessed two surfers work their magic to try best their sibling. In the end, it was Fisher on his Portal Surf Design that came out on top with a series of dynamic snaps and airs that awarded him a 12.54 heat score over his brother with a 9.0.  What a moment!

Knocking Out a World Champ: Daniel Hughes on the Rise

In - by far - the most dramatic win of the day, we witnessed two Sunova teammates lean into the moment as current world champion Sean Poynter entered the water with Daniel Hughes in Round 4.  Both riding the new designs co-created by Poynter with flair and incredible performances, the heat drew sparks from both riders gunning at their full potential.

Poynter, looking polished and professional as always, created powerful drives and clean turns. Hughes, with his large frame, seemed so light on the water carving impressive snaps off the lip and verticals throughout the heat. Poynter scored a sizeable wave in the minutes remaining to put himself in the lead, but Hughes answered in the final seconds of the heat with a wave that kept him just out of reach of the world champion. Finishing heat scores (10.5/9.97) with Hughes on top for the win.

WELCOME back to Day 4 of the New York SUP Open!

Join us today for Finals Day, LIVE from Long Beach New York as we set up for an epic day of action with offshore, groomed conditions as we wrap Women's Quarterfinals and head straight into the Men's, as we march onwards towards the Finals.

You can watch the broadcast either on or @appworldtour.

Day 3 saw some impressive action in challenging, stormy conditions, seeing us all the way through to the Quarterfinals for Men, but forcing us to stop competition mid way through women's Round 3 heat #1 due to Lightening!



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