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With the world title on the line, the stage was set for the Paris SUP sprint races. As each heat passed the intensity was building for an intense semi-finals with Shae Foudy and Candice Appleby going head to head, each racing toward locking in the world title.

In the end Shay won by a narrow margin allowing her to advance to the final round where she would be facing the other youngest woman competing in Paris SUP sprints in Annie Reickhert.

Entering the finals at the Paris SUP Open sprints, Annie Reickert sat at #4 in the APP world title run with 12,250 points.

Shae was favored to win the sprints but Annie was there to compete. As the race started Shae pulled out for a early lead, but Annie narrowed the margin by the second buoy turn.

Entering the Paris SUP Open Shae Foudy was one if the favorite sitting at #1 for the APP world title with 20,000 points

As their paths crossed they were dead even. Once they crossed the finish-line each looked back to see if they had won. No one knew, not even the announcers, it was too close to call! Each had to wait for the times to come in to declare an official winner. Annie Reichhart took the victory with one of the narrowest margins in an SUP race ever, 0.26 of a second. 

Congratulations to Annie on her win!

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