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Red Bull Heavy Water is on for Friday 18th October @10am PST, with delayed Live broadcast @2pm PST

By: Tristan Boxford

San Francisco, USA, 15th October 2019: As the holding period for Red Bull Heavy Water is now open, the APP is excited to announce that the event has been green lit and will run this coming Friday 18th October at 10am PST. Please note that the event will feature a delayed LIVE broadcast that will run at 2pm PST providing full coverage from water, land and air covering this epic event at and @appworldtour

Here is the word from local expert and Big Wave Legend, Grant Washburn on the approaching swell powered by Official Event partner, So Far Ocean:

"The remnants of Super Typhoon Hagibis are headed our way, spawning multiple wave generating systems.  The best of the mix looks to arrive Friday, between strong blasts of local wind. 

Plenty of uncertainty remains, but one thing is clear: Summer is over, and Heavy Water is on the way.  The racecourse, having slumbered quietly since last year, will soon transform into a maelstrom of raging currents and mountainous peaks.  Extreme conditions are imminent. 

We know storms like this are rare.  It might degrade slightly, or blow up even more and be XXL huge.  By Friday the conditions will be radical.  That’s what this event demands, and that’s what the racers will face in a few days. Red Bull Heavy Water will go green light for Friday October 18! See you there!"

To track the storm yourself using @sofarocean's groundbreaking technologies, with buoys placed strategically across the North Pacific and read daily updates from Grant Washburn, go to the dedicated event page for Red Bull Heavy Water at:

As always, the star of Red Bull Heavy Water is the ocean itself, with the required conditions for the event to run providing a massive spectacle in of itself. Add to this, the World's very best Stand UP Paddle Racers from the APP World Tour, and you have one of the most exciting races imaginable.

After the trek from Aquatic Park, right in the midst of San Francisco itself, the loop through Fort Point and under the Golden Gate Bridge and then around Land's End, the last leg of the event will provide the utlimate challenge, with the zig zag in and out through the surf to provide a show like no other.

Watch out for 2017 Red Bull Heavy Water Champion Casper Steinfath, 2016 Champion and multiple times World Champion Connor Baxter and 2018 World Champion Arthur Arutkin from France, but also wildcard performances from the likes of Ryan Funk, who got 2nd in 2017, and all round Waterman such as Kody Kerbox and Mo Freitas from Hawaii.

In the women, 2017 World Champion Terrene Black will be a major threat, as will 2016 World Champion Fiona Wylde, both who revel in bigger surf and have proven themselves as amongst the very best in the World. However, again, watch out for the likes of top APP World Tour Surfers Izzi Gomez and Shakira Westdorp, who will be looking to make their presences felt in this truly unique event that demands every skill set from its athletes.

One thing is for sure - the action will be intense this Friday as Red Bull Heavy Water will take center stage at 10am PST on the beach at Aquatic Park, and through the delayed LIVE broadcast at 2pm PST at and @appworldtour but also on the big screen at Ocean Beach at 2pm PST

Red Bull Heavy Water has partnered with Bay Area-based Sustainable Surf, committing to ‘wipe-out’ the carbon footprint of the event - including all athlete travel with its ocean-positive SeaTrees program.

For every mile traveled by the 36 athletes attending Red Bull Heavy Water and Sustainable Surf will plant and protect SeaTrees in coastal ecosystems, including mangroves forests in Indonesia and kelp forests off the California coast. 

This positive action also provides sustainable employment for local communities and creates critical habitat for countless species. For more on Sustainable Surf and their SeaTrees program please go to:

Watch all the action in person in San Francisco at 10am PST or online at 2pm PST at and @appworldtour, and re-live it all on site in Ocean Beach at 2pm



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