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As we wait on pins and needles for the green-light announcement for Red Bull Heavy Water any day now, the anticipation builds.  The race for a World Title is present along with Red Bull Heavy Water’s heavy cash purse.

Let’s take a look at the current standings.

Arthur Arutkin’s dominant performance in both NY and London puts him on top as leading contender for this year’s World Title championship to date. Can he hold on to finish strong in Paris? Stay tuned! Photo by: John Carter / APP World Tour


Arthur Arutkin from France is in the top spot, only consolidated by his finish at Pacific Paddle Games. Regardless of what happens at Heavy Water, it is likely that he will keep that position coming into Paris, but it is a close affair.

Michael Booth is right there.

Connor Baxter too, is leading by a long way in the Sprint / Technical races, but has included a few disappointing results in the distance racing – normally his strong suit.  A big result at Red Bull Heavy Water, a race in which Connor is only too prepared to excel in with his penchant for big waves and open water racing, will seriously close the gap.  A strong finish in Paris could see Connor defend his Title in 2018.

Connor Baxter and Casper Steinfath battle it out at the hammer buoy in a torrential rain at the NY SUP Open. Stormy seas make for great competition. Photo by: John Carter / APP World Tour

Let’s not forget the power of Denmark’s viking Casper Steinfath.  Last year, Casper dominated Red Bull Heavy Water with a gutsy and fiery performance that put him on top.  We have every expectation that the Dane can put together another crushing performance to keep him in the running for the overall APP World Championship Title.

It is literally a moment-to-moment championship, right now.  Both Booth and Baxter, through they trail the lightening bolt of Arthur Arutkin, are within striking distance.  And, as we know, it is often when the heat is ON that these athletes rise to the top of their performance and bring serious pressure to the standings.

The four horsemen, as it were, charging the field accumulating points for a World Title championship. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned for the Red Bull Heavy Water! Photo by: John Carter / APP World Tour

Top 5 Men’s Overall Points:

Arthur Arutkin:     47,750 Michael Booth:      39,250 Connor Baxter:       37,750 Caspter Steinfath:  33,750 Mo Freitas:              25,500

Men’s Full Current Standings are HERE.

Candice Appleby and Terrene Black battling it out to the finish in the NY SUP Open Sprint races. Photo by: John Carter / APP World Tour


Shae Foudy is still on top of the leader board based upon her impressive dominant performance in London.

But only by 1,000 points.

Shae is tied with Candice in the Sprint/Technical results.

And Candice is fired up.

Historically known as the Queen of SUP, Candice had a slow start in London, but her 1st place finish in the New York distance and 2nd place in the Sprints puts her firmly in the running for top contender.  Then, to watch Candice develop steam and trounce the Pacific Paddle Games (for the 7th time in her career) was really exciting and helped move Candice up dramatically in the APP World Tour’s Standings.

Candice’s performance at the 2018 Pacific Paddle Games left no doubt what her intentions are when it comes to winning another world title. Photo by: John Carter / APP World Tour

A big result at Red Bull Heavy Water could turn the tide for Candice. An unknown aspect of this great leader in SUP racing is that she has a powerful surfing talent and, at one time, wanted to make a run for the World Title in Women’s longboarding.  She is fit and focused on the APP World Tour’s championship.

Red Bull Heavy Water could bring about an upset and put Candice on top.

Shae Foudy (forefront) is out in front with her points, followed closely by a fierce Candice Appleby (middle) on whose tail charges the formidable Terrene Black (in white). Photo by: John Carter / APP World Tour

But then…. we don’t want to take our eye off the seasoned waterwoman and powerhouse performance of Terrene Black.  Terrene is a devastatingly powerful and consistent threat.  As winner of last year’s 2017 APP World Championship, she has a title to defend.  That could motivate the fearsome Aussie to put in the risk factor and charge the beach at San Francisco to make for a dramatic finish.  Terrene is a fierce performer in open water as we saw in her winning finish at this year’s M2O race and her skilled win in the Sprints in the New York.

You can be sure both Shae and Candice know she’s there and want to keep charging because any mistake and Terrene’s presence will surely be felt in the run for a world championship in 2018!

Either way, it will be a race for the finish in Paris.

A strong result for 2017 World Champ Terrene Black in Red Bull Heavy Water and Paris could change the game too and bring her right in the mix for the Title.

Women’s Top 5 Standings: Shae Foudy:          49,750 Candice Appleby: 48,750 Terrene Black:      29,500 Yuka Sato:             24,500 Manca Notar:       23,500

Women’s Full Current Standings are HERE.

The action will come down to the wire in Paris this December 8th among these top level athletes to determine who shall be crowned champions for the APP World Title.


So really, it is a battle among the Top 3 for both Men and Women coming into the back end of the year.  This Title Race is most definitely intensifying!

With 2,000 applications for entries for the Paris event in the open fleet, there is no doubt that the Final Stop of the season will one to remember, and there couldn’t be a better place for the Title Race to come to a close than in one of the World’s fastest growing SUP communities and at the World’s largest Race in Paris!

Written by:  Evelyn O’Doherty Online Editor / APP World Tour



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