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The London SUP Open to kick off the 2019 APP World Tour Racing Season in style this weekend

London, UK, Wednesday 15th May 2019: The 2019 London SUP Open, Stop #1 on the APP World Championship Tour for Racing will kick off this weekend and provide something for everyone in partnership with the UK's single largest Festival of Fitness: the Hackney Festival of Fitness.

The Weekend's activites and main events will focus on 3 primary components of the APP's unique City Paddle Festivals approach:

WATCH: the World's very best athletes from over 20 countries in action

PARTICIPATE: in a wide range of racing courses for all levels 

EXPERIENCE: the more complete festival experience, with introductory paddling experience, clinics with the top pros and exploratory paddles with purpose with Lizzie Carr


Friday, 3pm - 7pm: Hackney Festival of Fitness Pool and Canal sessions with the APP and Event OpeningSaturday: 9:30am- 8pm: 'Race from the Tower' for APP Pros @9:35am (Live Broadcast), Pro-AM & Open Racing on the Canal in Hackney from 2pm Pool and Hackney Festival of Fitness Pool and Canal Sessions with the APP throughout the day togethjer with Lizzie Carr Plastic Patrol adventures, Q&A and Movie PremiereSunday: 8am - 4pm: Pro-Am and Am Sprint Racing from 8am and Pro Sprint Racing to kick off at 11am (live Broadcast from 10:45am UK time - GMT +1)

For more information on the London SUP Open, to register and for detailed schedule go to: and @appworldtour and for the Hackney Festival of Fitness go to

London has long been a melting pot for international sporting spectacles, and this weekend, it is the London Borough of Hackney, just down the road from Olympic Park that will host World's very best SUP athletes from over 20 countries Worldwide, as they battle it out at the Opening stop of the 2019 APP World Championship Tour.

The London SUP Open will consist of two key racing discipines:

1) Distance: Athletes will compete in the 13km course from the Tower of London to Putney, aptly names the 'Race from the Tower'. Passing the majority of London's most recognizable landmarks on their way down the Thames, the World's best will be looking to navigate their way down the tidal waterway central to London's inner workings for Centuries and be the first to arrive in the renowned Rowing town of Putney in SW London. The whole race will be LIVE broadcast on and @appworldtour, as well as on site in Hackney on the big screen on Saturday 18th May

2) Sprints: This fast paced, arena format of SUP Racing will provide a real show to the Hackney Festival of Fitness, with non stop action from 11am - 3pm, as the World's best will take on the 220m Sprint course in an elimination format that will see the strongest sprinters take charge on a full day of action in Hackney. Again, the whole Elimination will be LIVE broadcast at and @appworldtour from 10:45am UK time (GMT +1) Sunday 19th May

So come down for a sporting spectacle like no other, or join us online for the Live broadcast on both days at and @appworldtour

The London SUP Open welcomes paddlers and enthusiasts of all levels to participate and rub shoulders with the World's best in the unique enviornment in Hackney for a weekend to remember.

With courses catering to Pro-Am and experienced Open participants in the 6km and 9km range, to more entry level courses in the 3km and 1km range, Saturday will provide open participants the opportunity to take part for themselves from 2pm UK time in the company of the World's very best athletes.

In addition, on Sunday morning from 8am, Open and Junior Sprints will provide the opportunity for participants to race the same course as the Pros and experience the excitement of fast paced sprint racing from themselves as an opener to the APP Tour Sprint Racing that will kick off at 11am.

For last minute registrations, schedule information and much more please go to ( and join us this weekend in London!

It is going to be a full weekend of action, participation and entertainment at the London SUP Open as part of the Hackney Festival of Fitness, from introductory Clinics with Paddle Barbados and Bluefin, Paddle and Nutrition Masterclasses with April Zilg, exploratory paddles with Lizzie Carr and Plastic Patrol to demo paddles with Decathlon, there is every opportunity to get your feet wet and experience the SUP Lifestyle in London.

And even if you don't want to get wet, there are a whole host of other fitness activities to engage in ( and there is food, drink and entertainment throughout the weekend, so make sure to come join us in London for an unforgettable experience.

For more information on the London SUP Open and the APP please go to and across social channels @appworldtour and for more on tickets and general schedule info for the Hackney Festival of Fitness, please go to

With Virgin Sport taking the step to be plastic free for their Hackney Festival of Fitness, the APP's partnership with lead UK environmentalist Lizzie Carr and her non profit, Plastic Patrol has strengthened for 2019, with the introduction of special clinics through the weekend on the Canal.

With the support of the Canal & River Trust, the APP are proud to host Exploratory Paddles down the Canal with purpose, as Lizzie helps attendees learn about the problems and the solutions for he every increasing plastic problem the world is facing.

In addition to the Clinics, Lizzie will take part in a Q&A on the stage and premiere a new documentary on her adventure down the Hudson last year in conjuunction with the APP's New York SUP Open.

Come join us in Hackney for a weekend to remember and sign up for tickets for a whole range of activities at the Hackney Festival of Fitness at



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