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From the iconic Hudson River race around the Statue of Liberty to a day of stormy Sprint Racing through 3-4 foot swell in Long Beach, only to wrap with an explosion of talent in the APP World Tour’s surfing competition:  New York, we thank you.

This year’s APP World Tour’s New York SUP Open was, by all standards, an over the wall home run.  Here’s the recap:

In an exciting day on the Hudson River, the APP World Tour showcased some of the greatest talent the sport of stand up paddle racing has to offer.

The 10KM race, launching from beneath the Freedom Tower in Battery Park, Manhattan, crossed the raging waters of the Hudson River.  Racers then found their way through the ‘flat lands’ a 2-mile stretch of reprieve as they paddled their way behind historic Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  Emerging from backwater on the South Side of the iconic statue, they then made their way out into the busiest part of the Hudson off the tip of Manhattan island with a view of the Freedom Tower as their amphitheater.

Switching back towards the north side of Ellis Island once again, racers finished the course across the busy waterway to culminate in a sprint along the promenade, echoed by cheers from the spectators to the still waters of North Cove Marina in Battery Park.

Pro Racers agree: NYC Venue is an Absolute Win.

The overall success of the racer’s journey showed in the glint in their eyes and laughing voices reverberating off the concrete pier in Battery Park.  This was a race to remember and a moment to recall.

“Competing in the heart of a huge Metropolitan city like New York is something that I’ve always dreamed of!  Paddling around Lady Liberty was next level and one of my coolest racing experiences to date. I had to pinch myself.” – Casper Steinfath, Denmark.

Pros and Amateur paddlers alike agree the APP World Tour’s stop in Manhattan was an all-time, rated No. 1 event.  Conditions were tough but paddlers felt protected by the multitude of support boats and jetskis spread out along the course, managing paddlers safely through boat traffic and creating an incredible, dynamic atmosphere.

My whole life is linked to the World Trade Center on so many levels, which is why I had to do the Liberty Paddle. I was married on the Statue of Liberty ferry on Valentine’s Day 1987 and our shop in Tribeca was close to te WTC and destroyed on 09/11. Paddling the Lady Liberty race made all the difference in my life on so many levels.  Mahalo!.”  – Aileen Oser, NYC

Race Around the Statue of Liberty Leaderboard Results:

Overall Results and Additional Commentary found at

LONG BEACH, NEW YORK welcomes the APP World Tour

After the excitement and racing on the Hudson River, the APP World Tour moved to the seaside city of Long Beach, New York to capture the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean for the Sprint Racing component of the APP World Surfing Competition’s stop for 2018.

The energy was warm and welcoming. Long Beach opened their doors and rolled out the red carpet as the World’s Best stand up paddle racers and surfers arrived on the boardwalk to compete towards a World Title.

The Allegria Hotel was home turf for most of the athletes and the main action took place out in front and in partnership with the Hurley Surf Club powered by Skudin Surf.

In a supreme day of SUP racing, the APP World Tour’s stop in Long Beach started with a clap of thunder amidst stormy seas as the athletes charged the surf break for the 2nd component of APP racing:  the Sprints.

The skies were dark and drew blacker, low hanging clouds felt ominous, and the air heavy with moisture and anticipation when APP World Tour CEO Tristan Boxford announced the decision to go forward with the Sprint racing event on Tuesday, September 18th.

In a series of 6-man and 6-women heats, world title contenders braved the stormy conditions and gathering swell to compete on a 200 meter ‘M’ course in and out of the surf break.

Moments included, watching 2017 APP champion Terrene Black in the final round, take a chance at working with the rip current to beat Candice Appleby and Shae Foudy to the final buoy.

I had nothing to lose,” says Black. “They were clearly a board length or two ahead of me and I knew if I wanted to catch them I’d have to take the risk.  It worked out for me.”  – Terrene Black, Australia

Black’s solid waterwoman skills flashed her out to the buoy a turn ahead of Appleby and Foudy ultimately leading her to the front and a final wave that brought her back to the finish line to the cheers of onlookers who braved the rain to watch the event.

Women’s Overall Sprint Results:

1st   Terrene Black, Australia 2nd  Candice Appleby, USA 3rd   Gianissa Vecco, Peru 4th   Shae Foudy, USA 5th   Annie Reickert, Hawaii

In the same way Terrene Black dug in to win the Sprint competition, there was no stopping 2017 World Champion Connor Baxter in those conditions.

This seasoned racer utilized his wave skill and water knowledge to dominate the course on every round, fighting his way around the buoys to ultimately lead the charge.  It was exciting to see this man come back out on top as Connor is a massive favorite and is clearly back in fighting form for the 2018 APP World Championship Title.

Feels so good to win again!  This year I have been learning to focus on what’s important in life and that winning isn’t everything. It takes a few hard races to make you appreciate it again! These past 10 years of racing are only the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this sport.”  – Connor Baxter, Hawaii

Men’s Sprint Racing Results:

1st  Connor Baxter (Hawaii) 2nd Casper Steinfath (Denmark) 3rd Slater Trout (USA) 4th Mo Freitas (Hawaii) 5th  Kai Lenny (Hawaii)

Please see updated APP World Tour Rankings here:

In the end, it’s all about the stoke. The APP World Surfing Tour’s SUP Surf competition in Long Beach was a proving ground for many Pro and Amateur paddlers. It well and truly set the stage for the competition on Tour’s next stop in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in December and of course for the prestigious return to Oahu in February of 2019 (more information to follow on this unique stop on Oahu’s North Shore – stay tuned to The talent is out there. The criteria is set and the athletes are ready to outperform each other for their chance at a World Title.

Long Beach loved them. 

Everywhere along the boardwalk local passerbys could be heard saying, “Is that Mo?”  “Did you see Connor?”  “Kai is signing autographs tonight at the Beach House.”

The APP World Tour had rounded out their competitive schedule with a fantastic round of social events wherein fans and paddlers could meet their favorite Pros in several casual settings around Long Beach.  For a full list of those events, CHECK HERE.

It was extraordinary the welcome the athletes received and the thanks and excitement from the crowd to have a World Championship Tour Surf event right in their backyard.

The APP World Surfing Tour’s competition in Long Beach took 3 full days. The first and second rounds were held in 2-3 foot surf to blue skies and sunny days.

Top contenders Zane Schweitzer, Candice Appleby, Izzi Gomez and Kai Lenny were all seen training up and down the boardwalk, getting ready for this first stop on the World Championship Surfing Tour.

As the heats began, the boardwalk was full and the excitement palpable at the Hurley Surf Club powered by Skudin Surf on Riverside Drive in Long Beach. The judges scaffolding dominated the scene and the Red Bull tent housed the athletes keeping them out of the sun. We were in for three full days of a major surfing event.

Zane Schweitzer came out strong, looking fierce and super fit, snapping turns and pumping down the line to find momentum on every wave. Iballa Moreno also found rhythm and appeared focused in every heat. Sean Poynter, Kai Lenny, Mo Freitas, Poenaiki Raioha and other world title contenders worked their way through the earlier rounds towards the Finals with both diligence and style.

Finally, on Saturday the energy built even as the swell settled for an exciting Finals Round wherein Surfing Champs were crowned.

Sean Poynter & Iballa Moreno show Long Beach world class performances

In the Final Rounds it was Starboard teammates Zane Schweitzer and Sean Poynter squaring off for the Men and Iballa Moreno and Nicole Pacelli for the Women.

Iballa and Nicole looked dominant all day and when these two ladies finally went head to head against each other in the Final Round, the action was nothing short of mesmerizing. Iballa chose her waves carefully and transitioned smoothly from one maneuver to the next, looking calm and centered as she surfed her heat. Nicole’s surfing had great energy too, but was not able to pull off the fluidity and consistancy of Iballa who set the standard for a great round of surfing for the women.

Women’s Surfing Top 4:

1.  Iballa Moreno (Spain) 2.  Nicole Pacelli (Brazil) 3. Terrene Black (Australia) & Dominique Miller (Hawaii)

On the Men’s side, the showdown between Zane and Sean was electrifying as it was clear both contestants had world titles on their minds. Wave after wave, Sean would score strong and Zane would answer. A few carefully strategic waves from Poynter put him in the lead and Hawaiian waterman Schweitzer was just not able to make up the gap in the falling swell.

Men’s Surfing Top 4:

1. Sean Poynter (USA) 2. Zane Schweitzer (USA) 3. Luiz Diniz (Brazil)  & Poenaiki Raioha (Tahiti)

Check out the highlights and replays from all days of competition by going to:

Written by:  Evelyn O’Doherty Online Editor / APP World Tour

The APP World Tour is the Professional World Championship Tour for the Sport of Paddlesurfing (also known as SUP / Stand Up Paddling / Paddleboarding), officially sanctioned by the IOC recognized Federation for Surfing Sports, the ISA (International Surfing Association). Re-branded in 2017 as the APP World Tour (previously known as the Stand Up World Tour and Series) the APP has been crowning the sport’s World Champions for both Men & Women across Racing and Surfing since 2010.

The APP World Tour produces a complete inventory of programming, including live and post produced broadcasts from its events, with distribution to over 100 countries worldwide via premier global networks such as CBS Sports and Fox Sports Asia & Australia. More Information is available at and fans can follow events @appworldtour on Facebook & Instagram.

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